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I refuse.

I refuse to read a post about the fandom rules from someone who writes things like

"get out/GTFO".

It’s rude. It’s childish.
While I sometimes “swear” on my posts with words like fudge, effing and f**k, it’s never directed at someone, it’s more of stock phrase.
Because it’s rude to insult people, especially people you don’t know just because they don’t share the same opinion as you.
Newsflash: it’s an immature thing to do.
Difference of opinions is what makes the world beautiful.
Stop with this witch hunt.
Stop seeing things that are not there.
Stop distorting what the cast and the writers say.
Stop ruining The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
Just stop.
Everything that’s been going on for the past 24hours is bullying. Crystal clear cyber bullying directed at someone who doens’t love Darcy as much as we do.
So where lies the problem in that? More for us.

It’s been awesome until now, because there’s all this meta thing going on, because you can interact with the cast and the writers and get insights that otherwise would have been lost on us.

Let’s not forget that the fandom is what it is thanks to every one of them who’s been so patient and encouraging on us, answering every last one of our curiosities.
I don’t want for anything to change.
I want to freak out with Ashley when the video is not up on time, I want to openly envy Mary Kate because she got to make out with that thing of beauty that is Wes (even if I despise Wickham with every cell in my body), I want to fake mock and fake judge Darcy because he has a pole stuck up on his backside.

If you want to swear on your posts, do it, just don’t direct it at anyone.
It’s rude and it’s ugly.

This said, I’m of the school: as long as you’re polite and you don’t attack anyone, you don’t victimize anyone you can say whatever you want.

Stop blaming and mocking Rachel for having a strong opinion, a strong personality and a sense of humor that I wish I had.

LBD, I love everything about you.
Don’t change. Ever.

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  2. hannahelizabethblogs said: THIS. Also just because Rachel doesn’t write for Darcy, promotes Lydia’s vlogs, and has stated that she CAN’T watch certain episodes until she’s done writing specific arcs doesn’t mean she hates Darcy. And even if she did WHY DOES IT MATTER?
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